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Vacation Policy

If your child is enrolled Full-Time (Monday-Friday) year round, you are eligible for two weeks vacation. One of those weeks will be taken the week of Christmas. The second may be taken in the spring or summer. You must take 5 days consecutively (in a row). Please alert the director if you are planning to take a week off.

If your child is enrolled for the school year only or is Part-Time, you are eligible for Christmas break only. Summer Session students are not eligible for a vacation week. If you have any questions, please call the office at 501-268-4081.

Product Safety Information:

Product Safety Information:
In an effort to keep parents informed and kids safe, we would like to direct your attention to the national product recall website. This site lists all products that have been recalled as hazardous for the past month.


Welcome to Curtis Kindergarten, Preschool and Early Learning Center!

To Our Parents/Guardians:

Your child's educational journey has just begun. Successful first steps encourage a positive attitude toward learning and help build the confidence and skills they will need to succeed. The Curtis Kindergarten & Preschool staff is honored that you have chosen us as a partner in guiding those first steps. We provide a structured curriculum enriched by an atmosphere of Christian values and lots of love. To ensure we fulfill our responsibility to you and your child, we have mapped a course based on the following principles:

  • All children come to school ready to learn.
  • Learning should be an enjoyable experience for children.
  • A preschool program that incorporates academic goals with social preparation is essential:
    • To provide children with the fundamental skills and essential knowledge they need to become successful students in kindergarten, which includes skills such as reading, writing, mathematics, gross and fine motor skills,
    • In addition, help them become well adjusted, happy, and secure with their social life.
  • It is our responsibility to serve our students, parents/guardians, and community in a courteous, safe, effective and efficient manner.
  • School professionals should be given the opportunity to determine the individual needs of each child — social, emotional, physical, and intellectual — enabling them to make the most of all educational opportunities available in his/her school.
  • Parents/guardians are the primary advocates for their children and as such, are an integral and essential part of the educational planning.
  • Parent/guardian participation and consistent reinforcement of day-to-day activities — ensuring that their children are well rested, properly equipped for school, on time, prepared and ready to learn — is key to their learning success.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your family and very much appreciate you sharing your children with us.

Thank you,

Ken and Amy Stamatis